[ENG SUB] しゃべくり007 Sato Takeru 5th Appearance 2014-07-21

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015 - Shabekuri 007

[ENG SUB] しゃべくり007 Sato Takeru 5th Appearance 2014-07-21


Hello everyone,

This is our debut to make an english subtitle for Shabekuri 007. We hope that you can enjoy it and always support us for every subtitle that we make for the future. For the first shoot, We have subbed episode whose guest star is Sato Takeru. In this time, it’s his fifth time he appeared in Shabekuri 007. And he announced the released of Rurounin Kenshin movie.


As an award for his 5th appearance, Shabekuri 007 gave him a flower on the opening. Then they remembered his first until fourth appearance with some jokes that rarely seen recently. If you following every episode from the past, there are jokes, like Fukuda, Nagura Jun and Horiuchi Ken doing Shishou jokes, Arita, Taizo and Ken that stood up and said ordinary thing one after another, and Horiuchi Ken’s “Business Chance” and etc.


They also played logical quiz that ever been played at third appearance of Sato Takeru. If you want to see the question you can see the video below. It’s just like Shabekuri 007, the seven people always make the guest did random things. Sato-kun also became their prey. He did Moth Trio jokes together with Horiuchi Ken and Nagura Jun.


This time, Sato-kun bring his own corner. Sato-kun vs Shabekuri Members and he showed to them how strong he is at the games he played. First game is Achi Muite Hoi, second is Kougon Tozai and the last game is Lucky Seven Game.


On the last part, he announced the release of his movie, Rurounin Kenshin, Kyoto Inferno and The legend end. If you want to see full episode of this, see the video below. Make sure you subscribe our channel so you can follow our updates. You can make request for us too for what episode that you want us to sub.

Enjoy It…. 🙂

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Incoming search terms:

  • 佐藤健しゃべくり077
  • しゃべくり077佐藤健

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