(Eng Sub) 2012.01.23 Shabekuri 007 Horikita Maki (120123 しゃべくり007 堀北真希)

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(Eng Sub) 2012.01.23 Shabekuri 007 Horikita Maki (120123 しゃべくり007 堀北真希)


Hello everyone,

In Japan, there is hot news in entertainment world. It is Horikita Maki and Yamamoto Koji’s marriage. If you already read the news, the age different between them is 12 years old. For celebrate the newlywed, we’d like to make an english subtitle with Horikita Maki as the guest. This episode was aired at 2012.01.23. For your information, Horikita Maki is a famous japanese actress who roled many dramas and movies, like Nobuta wo Produce, Kurosagi, Galileo, Ataru, Always and many more.


For this episode, Horikita Maki appeared for announcing her new movies, Always – 3chome no Yuhi 64. This movie is the next story of Always who aired in 2007. After five years, it continued with the same actress, she is Horikita Maki.

This is the second appearance of her. Before this, the first time she appeared is in 2009.  She said she isn’t really nervous for this second time. And because of that, she can follow jokes that all shabekuri members made. The first corner is Magnificent Profile 007 of Horikita Maki. As usual in this corner, every point of the guest’s profil will become a quiz.


The second corner is Ikitsuke Soba 007. Some shabekuri members will introduce their recommended soba to Maki-chan and she will choose who is the best soba that she like. Members who participated are Taizo, Tokui, Fukuda and Arita.


For the complete episode, you can watch in this video below.


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