(Eng Sub) 2014.08.11 Shabekuri 007 Arimura Kasumi (140811 しゃべくり007 有村架純)

Sunday, September 27th, 2015 - Shabekuri 007

(Eng Sub) 2014.08.11 Shabekuri 007 Arimura Kasumi (140811 しゃべくり007 有村架純)


Hello everyone,

We are sorry for making you wait for so long.This time we have new subtitle for Shabekuri 007. We have subbed Shabekuri 007 that the guest star is Arimura Kasumi. This episode was aired in 2014.08.11. By the way, Arimura Kasumi (21 years old) is famous actress in Japan who has roled in many dramas. Some of them are Shitsuren Chocolatier, Ama-chan, Yokoso Wagaya e.

In this episode, Arimura Kasumi talked about her reason why she became an actress. It’s not like the other actress or actors who have been scouted and then became famous. She participated in audition herself and at first she failed in that audition. And then she got called by the company to participated in audition once again and she became an actress.

She also talked about man’s type that she like and she like a serious man. And about man’s type that she don’t like is a man who don’t has a common sense and suddenly that reminds us about one member of shabekuri 007 who always makes stupid jokes, Horiuchi Ken. LOL!!



In this episode, there is a special corner from Arimura Kasumi, it is showing her homemade cooking for Tokui, Ueda and Arita.

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Enjoy it :)

(Eng Sub) 2014.08.11 Shabekuri 007 Arimura Kasumi (140811 しゃべくり007 有村架純) by 007fansubs

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