(Eng Sub) 2014.10.27 Shabekuri 007 Aragaki Yui (141027 しゃべくり007 新垣結衣)

Sunday, September 27th, 2015 - Shabekuri 007

(Eng Sub) 2014.10.27 Shabekuri 007 Aragaki Yui (141027 しゃべくり007 新垣結衣)


Hello everyone, 007fansubs-desu!! 🙂

Looks like we have a leasure time this time so we will upload more subtitle for you, shabekuri lovers. We have subbed Shabekuri 007 that the guest star is Aragaki Yui. This episode was aired in 2014.10.27. She is cute actress who always appeared in japanese drama and movies. Some of them are Koizora Legal High, Hanamizuki and others. The reason we make subtitle for this episode because we are Aragaki’s fans. 🙂


In this episode, there is two corners. First corner is Aragaki’s questionnaire. This corner is showing us her writing style. She answered all the points in questionnaire and showed it this corner. As usual, All Shabekuri members are always make jokes in this corner. They didn’t talked about the points in questionnaire but about her writing style and her character from her writing.

And in this questionnaire, there should be quiz for shabekuri members. But because they took them off that quiz, the quiz has been cancelled. LOL!! Aragaki Yui was born in Okinawa. But she said she only can use the accent, not the dialect. To make sure of this, one of the staff that always appears in “Aitaihito 007 (People who want to meet 007)”, Shaizai-boy, a staff who is skilled for making sad face is called to make conversation with Gakki. He is also from Okinawa. You can see his humor in there.

In the next corner, it’s talked about topping. Gakki, Nagura Jun and Horiuchi Ken will show us the way they make their topping. And in the last part, the best topping will be chose by Gakki.


For the complete episode, you can watch in this video below. You can make a request for us about what episode that you want to sub. But for the exchange, you must stay tune on us.

Enjoy it 🙂

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